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Selling a home may sound as easy as choosing the first agent you find and letting him or her do the rest. If this is your sole strategy for selling one of the largest investments you’ll ever own, you may want to think again. Do you have a plan to get the most money for your home with the least amount of hassle? Do you need to sell in a short time or can you be patient?  Our team of professionals will help you determine the best price for the current financial and real estate environment. We’ll create a customized marketing plan to maximize your home’s exposure and value.  All the while meeting your goals for gaining maximum value for the desired move date.

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Selling is an art, not science. We showcase your property in a variety of ways to attract buyers that are shopping the North Georgia region.

Everyone is different and we know that. We customize our selling strategies based on our client’s wants and needs.

We have a track record of proven results.  Our brokers and agents have years of experience in the real estate profession.  You get access to the very best north Georgia has to offer.

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